Strapi encountered problems uploading files using koa-body

Strapi encountered several problems when uploading files using koa-body.

  1. After the following parameters are set, the uploaded file cannot be larger than 1 GB. Upload using strAPI background management panel cannot be larger than 1 GB. {
    name: “strapi::body”,
    config: {
    formLimit: “2048mb”, // modify form body
    jsonLimit: “128mb”, // modify JSON body
    textLimit: “128mb”, // modify text body
    formidable: {
    maxFileSize: 4096 * 1024 * 1024, // multipart data, modify here limit of uploaded file size
  2. By default, the uploaded file is saved to the public uploads directory of the strAPI project, and the D://video directory is successfully saved.
    Simply delete the files in the video library in the Admin panel.
    The files in the D://video directory are not deleted, but the files in the upload directory are successfully deleted.
    How do I specify upload file path only in one location.
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Same file size limit for me. Why are files larger than 1gb not uploadable?