Strapi html modify

I need to modify some of the strapi UI elements like
Welcome to Strapi in login screen
Strapi Dashboard in Dashboard sidebar

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hello <@476848077379076108> , I think the following could help you:

+1 on translations, thanks <@663115409708285963>. We are considering making the homepage of the dashboard of Strapi fully customizable.

Regarding the sidebar, could you say more about your needs?

If you are referring to the sidebar on the left:

Appreciate your replies <@663115409708285963> and <@609010053873139712> . i will utilize this .
Is there a way to remove the side panel of strapi(the one on the hard left having content-manager).
Because i dont want my customers to get confused of those content-managers…
The second panel is more than enough i guess…

It is not possible but I will share the feedback with the design team

But you can collapse it