Strapi in Docker Container behind AWS Application Load Balancer

Strapi version 3.6.6
Docker Strapi/Strapi node version 12.x

I am trying to get my Strapi application to work behind an application load balancer(ALB) on AWS. The error that I’m seeing when I launch the container in the production environment is:
"⚠️ The admin panel is unavailable... Impossible to open it in the browser."
This message seems to be coming from Strapi lib/ utils/ openBrowser. js in “async function pingDashboard(url, multipleTime = false)…”
I have verified that the database has successfully connected to the RDS database.
My ALB is currently only pointing to a single machine which is responsible for running a wordpress app(port 80/443), a NextJs App, (port 3000), and now Strapi(port 1337) all running in their own docker container network.
The ALB has a rule to forward requests to https:// example. com/ strapi to the target group for the Strapi application on port 1337. My Strapi server. js is as follows:

module.exports = ({ env }) => ({
  host: env('HOST', ''),
  port:'PORT', 1337),
  url: env('URL', ''),
  admin: {
    auth: {
      secret: env('ADMIN_JWT_SECRET', '***'),

The Dockerfile for the Strapi app provides the following ENV related to this file:

FROM strapi/strapi

ENV NODE_ENV=production
ENV HOST=example. com
ENV URL=https:// example. com/ strapi

There isn’t much documentation regarding what a number of these configuration variables are actually for but I’ve read through the documentation here: Configurations - Strapi Developer Documentation

The documentation doesn’t explain under what circumstances the “HOST” in server. js should be changed, or what it is even used for internally, beyond that using it with “SOCKET” is only cosmetic. In my experience with HOSTNAMES they should only include the ‘’.

When the container is built and run on the AWS EC2 server, Strapi starts up fine, says to create my first admin at https:// example. com/ strapi/ admin, then gives the warning shown at the beginning of the post.

I imagine I’m going to need to add some combination of other config variables such as SOCKET and PROXY, but I’m at somewhat of a loss on how to approach this issue right now since I haven’t found any other resources with the combination of AWS ALB and Docker.

Just FYI: I added the spaces to all of the urls because the forum wouldn’t let me post with “more than 2 links”, but those are all written as they should be in my config and Dockerfile.