[Strapi] - Is possible to add "Define conditions" for CREATE, READ, UPDATE, DELETE by contentType and admin role?

Greetings strapi team,

I am testing “Strapi Enterprise Edition - STRAPI VERSION v3.6.0” to looking if it suits my need.

  • I would like to customize a role: “Author”.
  • I want to assign administrator users to this role (Author).

My configuration:

  • I have a collection type of “guest”.
  • Each “guest” belongs to another collectiontype “partner_entity”.
  • A “partner_entity” can have many “guests”.
  • Each “partner_entity” can have many “admin users”.
  • An administrator user must only be associated with a “partner_entity”

Currently: when an administrator user with the role of “Author” logs into the administrator panel, he only sees the list of “guests” that he has created.
What I want: When an admin user with the role of “Author” logs in he should see all the “guests” of the partner_entity to which he belongs. Not just the ones he created.

Is there a way to achieve this?
Thanks for your help!
Best regards,

I attach pictures to explain my point:

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Did you find answer ?