Strapi on raspberry pi 3

Hello I would like host strapi on my raspberry pi 3 but I don’t find how…
I have today my application on my computer totally end but I can’t put it on develop, I find a way by pm2 but this method don’t work, if anyone can help me :smiley:


You’ll probably have to compile libvips manually to work with arm

Is your Pi the 4GB model?

My pi has only 1gb of ram.
Because for the moment I done npm install and npm run build so I have the folder build on my application but after that I don’t know what done …

Sorry if my English is bad, I’m French

Your english is better than my french so no problem :wink:

Yes you can use pm2 to run it, are you hitting an issue? (I don’t have any pi3’s laying around just a few pi4’s)


when a try to launch my project done with ubuntu 20.04 I can’t run it so this morning I have done a new project by my pi 3 ssh, and now I can go on the website but I have a error on the top middle of the screen on ipOfPi:1337/admin the error is => Warning: An error occurred while requesting the API, and after that the website give a circle loading on the middle of the page without result…

how I can fix it ?


EDIT : I deleted the folder node_modules end clear cache after that I do npm install on my pi3 of my project done with ubuntu, run it by pm2 this time it’s compiled but I have the same issu : Warning: An error occurred while requesting the API


i post again, i have installed ubuntu server 20.04.3 on my pi 3 before I used Debian and again the same issus with a new project => Warning: An error occurred while requesting the API.

i thick it’s impossible to install and use Strapi by this device. Do you thick with a pi 4 this time I could use Strapi on this ?


@niveki Could you provide more context? Are all the dependencies installed without errors when you run npm i or yarn ? Do you run in development first and then build or start? What the console logs when you encounter the API error? I’m without rpi’s at the momento so I can’t check… what version of node are you running? How did you install? NVM? Repo? Nodesource? Did you try using SystemD instead of PM2? Those can give some clue in how to help you.


I don’t know what you ask to me to show you but here I have tape inside the terminal ssh nom I inside my folder of Strapi,

And here is the issues:

I can’t seem to solve this problem … any ideas.


It seems it is complaining that the version of npm installed is different than the one it supports, you have v8 and it is aiming for v6… but it is only a warning.

I had that in the past with other projects, try to bypass it with the flag --ignore-engines.

So delete your package-lock and node-sources and do npm i --ignore-engines and see if something changes.

How are you running the project? Try to manually start it first with npm run develop and not with another service (i.e. pm2).


I don’t find any solution for my problem, so I have change of solution and I have abandoned Strapi.


I am fighting with the same issue on regular server. I found one issue that is compatibility. strapi 4.0.3 installation does not failed on npm or node version but 4.0.0 simply fails. You have to have npm 6 and node 14 but even when I have I am not able to finish installation.

What other headless CMS have you chosen? I burned already 2 days and I need to move on for something that works…

Now I use Squidex it’s not 100% free, the requests are limited but for my usage it’s a good alternative.

I am going to try directus