Strapi-plugin-content-manager add custom field

Hi everyone,

I need to add extra field(select with options) to strapi content-manger plugin. But faced with an issue. Cannot update the state to perform rerendering.

On attached image, an ‘Article’ entity with a set of blocks, each has ‘Block#’ and a dropdown select under it.

The goal is to change the order of blocks by selecting a digit in dropdown select, instead of using drag&drop.
I already copied ‘content-manager’ plugin to ‘extensions’ folder, added a logic to change blocks order(by modifying component data).

But cannot find the right way to update current ‘Article’ entity to reRender the form.
I found how other inputs get updated by calling:

        type: 'ON_CHANGE',
        keys: key.split('.'),
        value: itemValue,

But this does not work. No reaction.

Could you please help?

Thank you,