Strapi-provider-upload-do on v4

System Information
  • v4.0.0:
  • Ubuntu 20:
  • postgres:
  • 14:
  • ****:
  • v1.22.17:

I am having trouble integrating strapi-upload-do on the latest version. The docs for say that to create file ./extensions/upload/config/settings.js. but this does not work.
Can anyone help ?

I’m not sure if the new provider has been updated for 4. Quite a few plugins and extensions have changed. As in the structure of each one of them. So make sure it’s v4 compatible.

Apparently it’s not. There has been no update since the v4 strapi release. Is there any way i can still use it strapi-provider-upload-do in my v4 app. or information on when the new update will be available.

If it’s a community app somone can fix it. Or you can if you feel up for it.
It needs to be converted to V4 before it can be used.

Is there any resource that i can follow to create my own upload-provider? That would be really helpful.

Nevermind found it :grimacing::grimacing: