Strapi reset my admin panel configuration every 1 week

System Information
  • Strapi Version: 3.6.2
  • Database: MySQL (Google Cloud SQL)

Hi all!

It has happened to me that Strapi automatically resets the settings of my Strapi administration panel (for example, the endpoints that are public).

I am hosting the strapi application on a Google Cloud App Engine and the database is a separate Google Cloud SQL. From what I was reading this may be the cause of the problem but I would not be understanding how to solve it.

I leave here my configuration of the database in production (/config/env/production/database.js).

The weird thing is that this only happens to me in the production environment but in staging (which is like a copy), it doesn’t happen to me.

module.exports = ({env}) => ({
  defaultConnection: 'default',
  connections: {
    default: {
      connector: 'bookshelf',
      settings: {
        client: 'mysql',
        socketPath: '/cloudsql/xxxxx',
        port: 3306,
        database: 'xxxxx',
        username: 'xxxxxx',
        password: 'xxxxxx',
        charset: "utf8mb4_unicode_ci",
      options: {
        charset: "utf8mb4_unicode_ci",
        debug: false,
        acquireConnectionTimeout: 100000,
        pool: {
          min: 0,
          max: 50,
          createTimeoutMillis: 30000,
          acquireTimeoutMillis: 600000,
          idleTimeoutMillis: 30000

Can you help me fix it?


Any approach to the reason for the problem or how can I get to solve it?

If it is not clear what the problem is, do not hesitate to contact me

anyone who can help me?