Tinymce save issue

*Strapi Version: 4.7.1
Facing issue with Tinymce plugin, without any content change/modification inside tinymce editor, the save button of Strapicms is enabled.

Hey @smruti,

Can you please confirm which plugin you’re using for TinyMCE?

Also, need some more context about the problem. What’s the actual behaviour, and what’s the behaviour you’re expecting?

Hi @dallasclark,
TinyMCE | Strapi Market this is the plugin that is currently being used.
Expected behaviour is the save option of collection type needs to appear only when there is any content modification inside tinymce editor.
But the problem is that after I intsalled this tinymce plugin, every time I reload a collection type without any change in content of this tinymce editor, the collection type shows a save option, this issue appeared after installing Tinymce plugin, previously while using the default WYSIWYG editor there was no issue.

This is usually an issue with how the content from TinyMCE has been set up by the developer to update the content field on the page.

It will be best to “Report an issue” to the author of the plugin on TinyMCE | Strapi Market.