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Hi! First of all, thanks for the tutorial. I got drawn to it whilst trying to find strapi projects also using vite for their frontend to get a general idea what’s the best practice here.
Two things:

  • You mention vite in your introduction, and that you prefer that above CRA, but then you end up just using CRA for your frontend without touching vite. Why’s that?
  • You create a portfolio collection, for demo purposes, but this doesn’t really make sense: why would you want to have multiple portfolio’s if you’re only making your own? Also this doesn’t align with the final result screenshot at the end, where it suggests you instead created a collection of projects. If you wanted to create a portfolio content-type, wouldn’t single type be more suitable?

Thanks for the tutorial.
I’m new here, and i have already open a post to talk about some writting error on the article. ( i did not know tha we can make comments … )
So On the creative background with three JS part we can see
import { useSEffect } from ‘react’; instead import { useSEffect } from ‘react’;
And we can read :
Our three.js codes will be written inside a ueEffect function.
Our three.js codes will be written inside a uesEffect function.