Trigger entry creation and update from content manager tab

Hi everyone!
I would like to do something like this: I create a new entry in a collection → this triggers the creation of other entries in other collections, which will be filled with data from an external api → at the same time, the same entry I created is updated with new data fetched by an external api. To me this doesn’t seem impossible to do, but for some reason I can’t find any info about that. Just to be clear, I’m talking about doing all of that through the strapi admin panel (the content manager), and not on my client (which would be probably easier to do, but not preferred). So, is what I want to achieve possible or it’s a nono? Thank you!

Strapi has no way in the admin to fill data into an entry without first creating it.

Aka what would have to happen is you press a button it fetches the data you want from the 3rd party api creates a record.
Then you can refresh and click on the record and edit it

Yeah, it makes sense… perhaps the best thing to do is create a client side content management-like page, so that I can insert what I need in the entry → wait for the external api call to fill in the rest of the data → create more entries in my collection. Thanks for confirming my doubts :slight_smile:

And what about triggering the creation of entries on other collections after creating one from a different collection? Like I enter an id, and then automatically generating an entry with data coming from an external call to an api passing that id? Perhaps with a lifecycle hook like “afterCreate”?