Turso: Has anyone attempted running with a Turso database backend?

we would basically have to completely rebuild our own entire SQL connection library which to support just one extra database is not even a possibility. It would make basically no sense, especially for a SQLite driver

The implementation is right here: GitHub - libsql/libsql-node-sqlite3: node-sqlite3 compatible API for libSQL

It’s a drop in replacement for sqlite3, there’s no rebuilding

You can open a request with the Knex team to see if they would entertain supporting a new one

Yeah we can’t swap out the drivers, we tried with the sqlite3 one was going through changes and switched to better-sqlite3 (which knex added support for)

The drivers themselves come from Knex, if you try to use one that’s not in it’s list it will literally throw an error and refuse to use it

I suppose the custom client interface is just for lollygagging then.

Believe me if we had an option to swap to better drivers, we would