TypeError: Failed to construct 'URL': Invalid URL

Hey folks,
I am on Strapi v4.25.1 I installed the package @strapi/provider-upload-aws-s3 to use Minio as my S3 compatible backend.
Running into the issue documented here: Media library broken - strapi 4.13.2 · Issue #17931 · strapi/strapi · GitHub
As soon as I try to upload an asset it fails to open the media browser. I tried adding the URL and STRAPI_ADMIN_BACKEND_URL params to my .env but I still have the same issue.

I have this in my .env


And this in my config/server.ts
export default ({ env }) => ({
  host: env('HOST', ''),
  port: env.int('PORT', 1337),
  url: env("URL", "http://localhost:1337/"),
  serverURL: env("STRAPI_ADMIN_BACKEND_URL", "http://localhost:1337/"),

The error is on this line:

const Rn = new URL(Ye,window.strapi.backendURL);

cc: <@211722558385553408>

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