Unable to access strapi admin panel

Hi All,

We had a VM issue yesterday and the VM that was running strapi went offline.

It has comeback online in the sense that users can see the intranet page now, but its seems to be an older version and I am unable to access the admin panel through a browser to make changes.

None of this was setup by me so I wondered if anyone had any ideas or advice on how to go about getting back into it.

Any help is greatly appreciated


What are the server errors? What is the error in the browser? When a page fails to load for me there is an error associated with it. To view browser errors I hit F12. To view server errors I run the app under ```yarn develop```` and look at the output. Maybe there is a way to view errors in production mode but idk.


Thanks for your response I managed to get it working in the end,

Both strapi and the webserver weren’t running so I had to find out why and what commands to run to get them working.