Update media and others fields with the same request

Hi, is it possible to update all fields of a content-manager at the same time ? i’m having some problems to update media fields with others fields in the same request, i can easily update the others fields with the default update function of strapi, but i can’t change the media files with the same funtion, and also, is it possible to change the media without the path of the media on the user’s pc ? because while i’m using the local host it is possible, but as soon as i start using a real server it won’t be possible to just send the path of the file, thank you for the help :smile:

Not during updates, the only existing function is during creation. It’s recommend that you upload the files first and use a PUT request to change the IDs assigned to the entry.

If you are using the local upload provider the upload plugin can only return relative URLs and you’ll have to patch in the prefix domain to create an absolute URL in your frontend. If you use any other upload provider then the URL is always absolute since it’s coming from a remote storage medium (AWS S3, Cloudinary, ect)