Upload an image to user in users-permissions plugin by post request

Hi everyone, i am trying to upload an image to logo field in user model, in user_permissions plugin.
the file uploaded successfully, but it does not link to user entry, any ideas?!

    let formData = new FormData();

      formData.append('data', JSON.stringify({
                  refId: id,
                  ref: "user",
                  source: "users-permissions",
                  field: "logo",

    formData.append('files',request.file.buffer, {
      filename: request.file.originalname,
      contentType: request.file.mimetype,
      knownLength:  request.file.size

    await strapiMultipartRequest({
          data: formData,
          headers: formData.getHeaders()

    return response.status(200).send({success: true});

  } catch (error) {
      console.log('UPDATE CUSTOMER LOGO FAILED; REASON =>', error);
      return response.status(400).send({success: false});