Use of the Term "Strapi" in commercial (paid) plugins

Hi there,

We are a group of students, deeply in love with strapi and its future, and are looking to create a set of plugins for strapi. We come from a wordpress plugin development background so we were really interested in creating some income based on our plugins through freemium features.

I have a few questions regarding the use of the name “strapi” and monetizing plugins in general.

Am I allowed to monetize my plugins? (I believe yes as strapi is under MIT)

now the real question is am I allowed to use the strapi name to create a brand, such as “Strapi Payment System” considering I give full credit to strapi on my website and very clearly acknowledge that I do not own the trademark to strapi and it is owned by them?

In wordpress world, people have all sorts of “WP+(put functionality here)” plugins that are monetized. I noticed not a lot of them use the trademarked word “wordpress” but rather “WP”. Is that why?

Any guidance on this topic would be appreciated.