Users permissions

So example:
1 I’m Super Admin and I add a user to the default “Author” role, he doesn’t have permission to publish articles, only create draft of that articles.
2 Author create other users and they have permissions to create and publish articles (because Super admin gave them this permission).

Isn’t it weird that an Author who doesn’t have permissions to publish article can create users who have those permissions to publish article?
Wouldn’t be great to add the same permission approach with drafts to common users? Because when they create an article for example it will be published automatically!

The question is.
How can I create an article (only draft, without publish) as a common user through API?

System Information
  • Strapi Version 3.5.4:
  • Windows10:
  • mongo:

I created an additional field with article status and customized create and find article controllers getting and creating article by status.
This Strapi draft system helped me.