V3.6.8, how to set up a query().search() and a filter for it?

I am trying to search through all entries in a database and from what i understood you need to use ```
strapi.query(‘restaurant’).search({ _q: ‘my search query’, _limit: 10, _start: 20 });

for it.

However i can't figure out well, anything related to it.
When i use axios/postman to send a request "http://localhost:1337/restaurant/list?_limit=50&_q=a"
ctx.query becomes "{ _limit: '50', _q: 'a' }"
However no matter what i add or write to the .search() the result is bad request.
    "statusCode": 400,
    "error": "Bad Request",
    "message": "Your filters contain a field 'q' that doesn't appear on your model definition nor its relations"

And if i add an entry for "q":anything in models/restaurant.settings.json the response is only []

Ok… Found out that the “await strapi.query(‘restaurant’).search({_q: “string”, _limit:-1})” and http://localhost:1337/restaurant/list?_q=string actually works, but for some reason the data isn’t sent back to client…

Ok that last issue was on my end faulty if statement ran a find() query after that would always return [] due to the ctx.query._q