V4 no more ways to replace the admin template?

I remember last time during v3, if I want to customize the admin dashboard such as increase Menu bar width or add new categories within the menu bar, I can copy the template that renders it and write any additional codes that I want.

Example like in this docs Admin panel customization - Strapi Developer Documentation

But for v3, I no longer can do this? What if I want to add a new category call “Pages” below the “Plugins” category? Possible to do in v4?

Yeah I’ve been having trouble with this sort of thing too @iceiceicy. I haven’t had any real helpful suggestions on how to really customize pages like was possible in v3. I’ve decided against updating to v4 for now until the information on customization is more widely available, as I am finding the new version far more difficult to work with.

Yup same with me. Only thing I like about v4 is the new UI design & the ability to generate custom token for a specific model.

Any update on customization v4 ?