We registered the Strapi license but we don't have access to the account

I am writing here, because we are unable to access our account to change billing information.

If this is the wrong place to submit, please guide me elsewhere.

My issue is, that we purchased an enterprise license back in late april 2022, to use Strapi for a development project. The project is now complete, and we wish to transfer fully to the client, so they are the ones paying annually. When we purchased the Strapi license, we were sent an activation key which was used to setup Strapi. Now we don’t have access anywhere to change our billing. It can’t be done in the Strapi admin panel that we use for the site. And we are unable to login with the email we registered for purchasing the license, because there is no password to it. So we are unable to login and submit a ticket. So what do we do then? Please help.

We can authenticate our claim by providing the email we rechieved with the activation code, as well as the billing information that is registered to the account.

Hope you are able to help us with this urgent issue.

Kind regards, Henrik

Best way for you to get support when you have a license is email with the email linked to your enterprise license to support@strapi.io then they can help you.

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Thanks a lot. I will do that. Have a good day!