What will be content of @strapi+admin+4.1.12.patch

Tring to install @notum-cz/strapi-plugin-content-versioning for that follow installation steps from Content Versioning | Strapi Market. While installing plugin gone through all the steps specified in above link. But couldn’t able to figure out what will be the content of “@strapi+admin+4.1.12.patch” file. Can any one assists me into this.

The .patch file extension sure sounds a lot like it belongs to the patch-package tool. It follows Git Diff syntax and displays what changes should be applied to the original file.

@ambermore You can find a content of the patch file in the notum-cz/strapi-plugin-content-versioning repository, in patches folder. You should see there a multiple files for patches created right for an appropriate version of Strapi installation.