Why I can't download medias stored on strapi from my front?

Hello everybody,

I’m coming to you because I have a issue about the download action when clicking on a link.
Actually it open a tab with the content displayed on another page ( PDF or image ) but it didn’t download it…

Here is the code-type involved :

<p><a href="http://localhost:1337/uploads/logo.png" download>Download Logo</a></p>

the image is perfectly recognized because it is displayed on a new page when I click on my link but i want to trigger a download… i’m actually working on the framework React but the problem seems to come from Strapi since when I use a local path ( if i put the image on my root folder ) like this

<p><a href="logo.png" download>Download Logo</a></p>

The download is triggered.

What’s this issue ? Can you help me see it more clearly?

Thanks a lot !

Should I have to consider that it’s impossible to direct download media from my /uploads/ on strapi without opening a page an download it manually ? :frowning: