Why no Refresh button anywhere?

Strapi being primarily an API builder, it is expected that the data constantly changes “underneath” the Admin user interface’s current rendering. The Content Manager’s List / Pager view, and the Edit View could, should, and will be outdated at any time, in real time, because the very purpose of Strapi is to get constantly hammered by API request that make such changes.

So, why is there no Refresh button on all screens? Instead, to force a refresh in the pager, I have to switch from Model1 or Model2 and then back to Model1, which is obviously inefficient. Did I miss a more efficient way? A full HTML page refresh is even slower.

Same in the individual entity Edit View… I need to cancel out of it, find my object again (needle in haystack!), and click back on it. Seconds of my life wasted. Why no Refresh button anywhere?

I am sure you guys have thought about and there may be a good reason… but if I am really the first to suggest this, please consider it. :slight_smile:

Hi @jojo I would suggest a feature request on GitHub.

Even nicer would be if the refresh could be automatic by strapi admin portal plugging into the lifecycle process and updating on create or update of data.

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