Would there be interest in adding Fauna as a database?

Hey y’all :wave:

I’ve been using Fauna for the past year or so and I could consider doing a PR if there is interest by the Strapi community.

This would open up the possibility of using Strapi on serverless platforms like Fly.io or Google Cloud Run and also running much lighter Docker instances.


Hi, pier
Your idea is interesting.
But the backside of any idea is hosting pricing.
I’m don’t use Fauna yet.
Can you please share - how much you pay for Fauna in your case?
I see Fly - it’s good
What’s the monthly payment for Fly ?

P.S. At this time I don’t have Strapi in production - but made deploy on VPS using 2 CPU + 2GB Ram (Ubuntu+PM2+Node) - for about $3/month, MySQL is located on another shared hosting