400 bad request when using discord oauth

System Information
  • 4.07:
  • ubuntu 20:
  • sqlite:
  • 14.19.0:
  • 6.14.16:

i get a 400 error when doing a request to[access_token]=LK5FujjaQgWxglio16seVnFJVV06Lv&raw[expires_in]=604800&raw[refresh_token]=vQNvZQbh13v9pJkuyYQD7OS2h43jqj&raw[scope]=email%20identify&raw[token_type]=Bearer

with just this as response
“data”: null,
“error”: {
“status”: 400,
“name”: “ApplicationError”,
“message”: “An application error occured”,
“details”: {}
applicationerror is a pretty generic error message so i dont know what the problem is

the code works when i host strapi locally on localhost on my own machine but when i host it on digitalocean it doesnt work.
maybe it has something to do with https? i dont have ssl setup nor do i have a domain atm.
earlier i got errors with secure cookies that couldnt be send over http. i set NODE_ENV to development to disable that but maybe that’s the cause of the generic error i get