401 Unauthorized Error on http://localhost:1337/api/auth/local Endpoint After Network Interruption

Time               │ Thu Nov 02 2023 12:23:29 GMT-0700  │
│ Launched in        │ 1253 ms                                          │
│ Environment        │ development                                      │
│ Process PID        │ 45296                                            │
│ Version            │ 4.7.0 (node v18.18.0)                            │
│ Edition            │ Community                                        │
│ Database           │ sqlite                                           │

Everything was working fine during my tests last night. However, this morning, my network provided by COX had intermittent outages. Post recovery, I am unable to log in through Strapi, constantly receiving a ‘401 Unauthorized’ error. This persists even when I try to register a new user. Interestingly, other endpoints like ‘PUT’ to update user roles using an existing jwtToken, and ‘GET’ requests work perfectly fine.

The issue solely lies with the local authentication endpoint. Even after resetting the password within Strapi to ‘123123123’ and using this new password, the ‘401 Unauthorized’ error with a message of ‘wrong credentials’ still appears.

I have attached the log snapshot below for reference:

Update to Strapi 4.14.0 , but still cannot solve the problem. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Find the solution! Strapi auto update some dependencies and reset all API endpoint. I need to grant permission to each role again! :rofl: :rofl: