A basic question about Strapi compared to Prismic


I’ve been exploring headless CMSs to use with Next.js, and I’ve looked at Prismic and Strapi so far.

Prismic was very obviously ‘site builder’ orientated. Their walkthrough encouraged you to build some simple pages out of what they call ‘slices’.

The initial tutorial walkthroughs with Strapi have you setting up some collections and then hitting an api to return them. This was very much not a ‘site builder’ experience.

Now, I’m not necessarily saying I want a ‘site builder’ experience, I’m simply interested to know where Strapi sits in relation to such features.

So …

Does it indeed have an out-of-the-box site (or page or component etc) builder and I simply haven’t reached that far in the documentation?

Or, is the idea that you roll your own?

Or, are such features offered by third-party vendors? I’ve noticed Strapi has a plugins ecosystem including a marketplace. If so, which ones are popular?

Finally, Prismic wasn’t what I imagined a headless CMS to be. Strapi is much more what I thought a headless CMS would be. Is Prismic unusual in its heavy orientation towards site/page building?

Hmmm. Hell, maybe I’ve got the wrong end of the stick and Prismic isn’t even a headless CMS anyway!!!

Any clarification would be gratefully received.

I still want to look at Payload but Strapi feels really nice so far.

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