A few questions on how to design a GPS locator app

Hi everyone. I just wan’t to get an opinion on how to develop my app.

My requirements are to create a real time GPS locator app. I will get the telemetry data from a socket service where I have to log in. I need STRAPI to:

  • service my front-end
  • offer a host for a plugin which will collect the telemetry save it to timeseries database and get the data back to authenticated front-end party.

1)Is a STRAPI plugin a good place to develop my to host a client for a socket service or should I create a separate app?

2)Given the fact that I will only get a few data points per mintute, is an overkill to use a separate database for telemetry or the separation of concern is more beneficial?

Thank you!

I’ve looked into the strapi-socket-io plugin and It looks indeed as an elegant and stable solution. I will replicate their solution. Also, I will use the timeseries database because the separations of concerns.

Thanks for your time.

Waiting for tutorial, hehehehehe