Access forbidden in I18n, but only via GraphQL

If trying to use something like " resolverOf: “i18n.locales.listlocales”, " in a custom schema the access is always forbidden via GQL, and yes i turned it on in permissions :slight_smile: It is however accessible over REST via /i18n/locales - Any thoughts ? :slight_smile:

That code comes from a function that was only intended for usage with the admin panel, we opened up the REST endpoint but it’s structure still expects that it’s used over REST. Since the admin panel doesn’t use GraphQL at all this might be that easy.

Honestly since it’s just a dump of the locales, I would honestly suggest using REST for it. I’m not a fan of just picking REST or GraphQL and only using one of them, it’s about picking the right tool for the job and in cases like this where you really don’t need (or even have control) over what fields you select and you just want to get the data, a simple REST GET request is far better (and cachable) then a GQL POST request.

Thank you so much for the quick and indept answer - Eventhough i tend to agree with you, it seems to me that the benefit of using GraphQL for a headless CMS is superiour to REST do to the ease of controlling cache and limiting your payload directly in the viewmodel, it also points your frontend solution towards a more unified structure that could be more maintainerble - But this is probally a lengthly discussion, so thank you for a great product and support :slight_smile: