Accessing Strapi response on Nuxt page reload

Hi! I hope you’re all doing well,
I’m just getting started with Strapi and I’m trying to display the content of one my strapi collections on my nuxt frontend, it works when I load the stickers.vue page for the first time, but when I reload it I get this error:

Here is the code for the stickers.vue Nuxt page:

        <div class="stickers-container">
                v-for="sticker in stickers"
                {{ sticker.attributes.Description }}

<script setup lang="ts">
    const { find } = useStrapi()

    let { data: stickers } = await useFetch('http://localhost:1337/api/stickers?populate=*')
    stickers =

Feel free to ask if you have any question, thank you for reading this!