Add a new translated page to an existing page with GraphQL

I need to translate existing pages to a new language and i am developing a small tool that will retrieve all the pages, translates the relevant values and then add this as a new page.

So using graphql I can retreive all the data for a specific (english) page
I do some translations to another language, and add the page as a new page using a graphql mutation

the new page IS created in strapi correctly with all the data and in the correct stucture, but it is NOT connected to the existing page, it is just a separate page

How can i connect these pages together using the mutation

I tried adding this …

localizations: [
{id: 89, locale: “en”}

but that’s not accepted… someone has any clues on how to properly do this ?

Found the answer myself… (RTFM :slight_smile: )

use the Localization

mutation {
locale: “es”
data: {