Add button as custom field

Hello !!! I was wondering if there is a more straight forward way to create a custom field, i just need a button with a link generated from some data from my db. or should i dive more into the core files?

Or maybe not just as a custom field, but a button on the administration panel of my “articles” collection type.

Is this custom field overriding an existing or a new field?

A new field!

It is possible to add one, but it’s not terribly easy or straight forward.

For example: Field Registering - Strapi Developer Documentation

Someone in the community actually took it a step further with something like this:

In which I recently had a PR to add support for MongoDB (that guide is using a SQL database):

Basically what you are doing is registering the field, then manually adding it to your model settings file (this won’t show up in the content-types builder). It’s an extremely hacky way of doing things, something we plan to better support in the future.

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