Add category while in post

Hi all,

Is it possible to do the following, or how should it be done.

You have a post and want to add an category that does not exist, now you have to leave the post to create the category but I want to do it from the post itself. Now, as the image shows, you can only select one that has been created earlier. I hope you understand what I mean.

Maybe a plugin or future request.addAlias

Hey @alex welcome, :wave:

This is indeed currently not possible, there is already been some discussion about it and some submitted an PR (not merged) for it.

It’s always good to bear in mind, this would only be handy with a relation with only one (text) field, otherwise the usage needs to be more complex.

Yup, a common topic that came up about it was something like an Article model with a manyWay relation to something like a Tag model and being able to create or attach an existing tag.