Add conditions to API tokens

Hi, I’m noticing the docs say we can add auth either through the User & Permissions plug-in, OR through API token generation.

What I would like to do is add more granular control over content beyond the collection-type-level. (See for example an earlier post of mine here.) It looks like this can be achieve through conditions, e.g., RBAC. But this looks to be part ONLY of the plugin side of auth, not the tokens. Since we don’t intend to consume our content via the Strapi dashboard (just creation/editing), is there a way to meld RBAC conditions with API tokens?

Sad to see this hasn’t gotten a reply. My searches have turned up that this isn’t a supported functionality. Has anyone else found out anything more determinate here? Seems silly to have the necessary granular control in the dashboard but then not the API authentication.