Add support for Turso

Hi everyone,

I have been reading the discussions on this forum for some time but this is my first post here because I don’t see this question already discussed -

Wouldn’t it be cool if Strapi supported Turso, an inexpensive, with a generous free tier, hosted libsql drop-in replacement for sqlite?

Disclaimer - I am not associated with Turso in any way, but found it to be an interesting option while researching hosted database providers for use with Strapi . There are plenty of options for MySQL and Postgres, but none for Sqlite. I do realise that Sqlite is more a way to get started quickly with a local file-based database, but with Turso promising scalable and fast edge hosting, it may become a useful alternative for hobby and small business users using Strapi.

From a tech perspective, I believe it would be a couple of fairly simple changes in config/database.ts and in the strapi core in database/src/dialects/index.ts and database/src/connection.ts to add, for example, a libsql dialect. All the subsequent heavy lifting will be done by Knex and @libsql/client. I guess as long as all the sqlite unit-tests pass then we’re good! :grin:

Thoughts/comments? Thanks!


I think it would be great to pursue this idea. I fully agree and will follow up on it.


Love this idea, is there any update from @paulospiguel ?

Any updates on this? Especially with Embedded Replicas Strapi woud benefit from very fast reads and sync on updates. Support Turso should be high on the prioritization list. +50 for this feature.