Adding a cms UI component from a plugin

Hi all.

I’m trying to build a custom react-component in a plugin, that should be placed in the CMS prominently. The goal is to have a “button”, that allows the user to trigger a website static-build and shows the user the publish-status of the website.

Building all the required logic for that isn’t a problem, however I struggle with the task of integrating the button (a react component) into the Admin UI.
Ideally, this would not be part of the plugin page or settings, but should be available/visible all the time. For example in the left menu, right below of the strapi logo?

I’ve read through the frontend development topics in the documentation and also looked at some of the official plugins, but didn’t find what I was looking for.
Maybe the injectedComponents config setting could help achieve what I want? Sadly there’s no documentation available for that

I’d like to avoid Admin-Panel customization outside of the plugin… if that’s possible.

Any pointers are highly welcome. Thanks!

Update If you’re a plugin expert reading this: What does the blockerComponent do? How/when do I use it?

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