Adding custom UI componenents from editor

Hey y’all

I am doing dev job for one of the NGOs (pro-bono of course). We have pages in Next.js, right now modified only by me, as I am the only tech person in the NGO. I want my peers to be able to make minor changes in the content themselves (i.e. add a button or update text). I like the strapi product, but I cannot understand, how I can enable my peers to use pre-built (react) UI componenets and i.e. drag those to the text.
Sample componenets would be either static like PrimaryButton, where we take as an argument buttonText or more complex like a List where we take multiple elements e.g., listType or listElements.

Looking forward to suggestions. I have had a look on plugins but it does not seem like the case (or is it?).

@DMehaffy any feedback?

Functionally you wouldn’t, that would be called a decoupled CMS not a headless one. Generally speaking Strapi is designed headless in a way that adhere’s to the true meaning of headless as we don’t handle the design or layout of the frontend at all.

It could be hacked together sure but that’s not what a headless CMS should do. You could handle it much like we do for the website and use components and dynamic zones to adjust the layout but that’s just the frontend reading the component structure and using the stored data to build the page structure.

Thank you for the info! I know where to go from now.