Adding Lifecycles to Strapi v4 User Permissions Plugin

Strapi v4 offers fantastic flexibility, but managing user lifecycles for the users-permissions plugin can be tricky. Fear not! This guide walks you through an effective method to inject custom logic into key stages of the user experience, empowering you to enhance user onboarding, verification, and more.

Simple and Powerful Approach

  1. Craft Your Lifecycles:

    • Create a lifecycles.js file in src/extensions/users-permissions/content-types/user .
    • Define functions like afterCreate or beforeUpdate to execute your desired logic at specific points.


// src/extensions/users-permissions/content-types/user/lifecycles.js
module.exports = {
  async beforeCreate(event) {
    // extract required proerties
    const { data, where, select, populate } = event.params;

    // **Perform your necessary validation, customization, or actions here:**

    // **1. Validation:**
    // - Ensure all required fields are present and have valid values.
    // - Apply any custom validation rules, as needed.

    // **2. Data Customization:**
    // - Pre-populate default values for certain fields.
    // - Perform any data transformations required by your application.

    // **3. Actions:**
    // - Send welcome emails or notifications to the new user.
    // - Trigger other system events or integrations, as necessary.

    console.log(data, where, select, populate);
  1. Register the Lifecycles:

    • In src/index.js, import the file and subscribe to its lifecycles using strapi.db.lifecycles.subscribe:


// src/index.js
const lifecycles = require('./extensions/users-permissions/content-types/user/lifecycles');

module.exports = {
  async bootstrap({ strapi }) {
      models: ['plugin::users-permissions.user'],


  • Restart Strapi for changes to take effect.
  • Test thoroughly and consider upgrade compatibility.
  • Explore custom plugins for complex scenarios.

Embrace User Lifecycles, Supercharge Your App!

With this method, you can unlock powerful customization for your Strapi v4 user experience. Welcome emails, automatic role assignments, and even SMS notifications are just a few possibilities! By understanding the nuances of this method, you can choose the best approach for your specific needs and project constraints. Happy Strapi-ing!

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