Additional Field in Strapi Relations

Hello. I do have a question on how we could easily deal with this scenario.

I’m trying to use Strapi as an admin panel/backend for an E-Commerce web application.

I’m facing the issue that I do not know how to display extra information from relational fields.

So I have order and order_detail.
order will have things such as customer name, total, address etc.
order_detail will have products, qty, etc.

I want to go into order and see all order_detail in-depth, meaning I do want to see what products that have been ordered? and how many have been ordered and so on.

I only get to see one field here (which is the id). I’m not sure how to achieve this. In terms of UX, if I have an order of 20 products, I’d have to go to order_detail one by one in order to know which product has been bought and also how much and so on. Is this approach correct? Thank you in advance.

In a nutshell, I was wondering if Strapi would allow us to add additional data field across relations that I’ve mentioned here.