Admin Blank after Update

Hi Guys,
I have a new problem: strapi apis work, but admin is blank. :frowning: I got this problem after updating from v3.4.6 to v3.5.0. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help after I come back from v3.5.0 to v3.4.6. What is the problem? Please see attachment!

Thanks in advance!

Have you rebuild the Admin after migrating to the new version?

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Many thanks for the quick response!
Yes, I not only tested “npm run build - --clean”, but also “yarn build --clean”. Admin stays blank. :thinking:

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Can you share your ./config/server.js file?
You can change all the private things inside it.

const forgotPasswordTemplate = require('./email-templates/forgot-password');

module.exports = ({ env }) => ({

  host: env('HOST'),


  url: env('URL_PUBLIC'),

  admin: {

    auth: {

      secret: env('JWT_SECRET_ADMIN'),


    url: env('URL_ADMIN'),

    forgotPassword: {

      from: env('EMAIL_NO_REPLY'),

      replyTo: env('EMAIL_NO_REPLY'),

      emailTemplate: forgotPasswordTemplate,



  cron: { enabled: true }


@sunnyson Do you see a problem in this file? :thinking:

@sunnyson Thanks anyway, I solved that problem by getting more information about yarn install. From today on I will only install strapi via yarn.