Admin button is missing in production

[details=“System Information”]
Strapi Version : “3.6.5”

Operating System : windows

Database : mongodb

Node Version : “14.17.3”

NPM Version : “6.14.13”

Yarn Version :
Hi there, I am hosting my strapi project on ec2/aws and when I want to get the strapi admin in production mode, the button that do that is missing and I need to type manualy “/admin”, but I do not want a user/editor will need to type that, is there a way to refer directly to the admin when the running strapi in production? thus is my server.js file:

module.exports = ({ env }) => ({

  host: env(‘HOST’, ‘’),

  port:‘PORT’, 1337),

  admin: {
    auth: {
        secret: env('ADMIN_JWT_SECRET',’xxxxxxxxxx),

in dev mode:

image816×343 19.5 KB

thanks for any help!

I think this is the default behavior for v3.
(At least in my tests using docker.)
In v4 that doesn’t happen anymore.

ok, thanks!