Admin Panel: How to add custom CSS

Hey there.

I would like to do some style changes (overwrite existing CSS) on the admin panel.

How/where can I add my custom style file?

You can use overrides. Just copy, paste and edit the required folders to your project.

See Admin panel customization - Strapi Developer Documentation for more information.

Perfect, thanks :+1:

Just a note.
I think, it’s a bad idea to overwrite the styles this way.
There is a /admin/src/theme folder.
Copy the folder and change the colors there.

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Yes you’re right. For basic stuff lik colors, font-sizes and weigths /admin/src/theme is the better place.
If you wan’t to change things like i.e. the logo you need to go for the components itself.

hey there.
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version 4.1.1