Admin v4: where to find the publish date ("publishedAt") of an instance at the admin panel?

System Information
  • Strapi Version: “@strapi/strapi”: “4.11.4”,
  • “strapi-plugin-publisher”: “^1.3.6”,

How can I see the publish date (“publishedAt”) at the v4 strapi admin panel?

I am getting frustrated with the publishing system. I love Strapi, but I really can’t find a simple way to simply display the publish date. It’s hard to believe I am the first one having this issue, so I think I am doing something very stupid. But at the same time I can’t find content about this.

Help, please!

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First: it’s not you doing something stupid, I had the same issue.

The way I solved it is by creating a custom plugin that registers the following hook: “Admin/CM/pages/ListView/inject-column-in-table”. There are a couple of articles on that, so I won’t repeat it here. But be advised, that the Stapi team removed the “cellFormatter” in version 4.11.5 making things more difficult again. I already created a question in the Strapi forum, but have not gotten an answer yet.


Thank you for sharing your experience, @codekultur!

That is too bad, because I am already on version 4.11.4 and I am trying to let the versions up to date. Do you know about other strategy without using cellFormatter?

If you have any link to tutorial or something that could help me, I would appreciate.

Thank you again!

There is an official hint in the documentation with an example how to implement it: Admin Panel API for plugins | Strapi Documentation

only for reference: version 4.11.7 re-added support to cellFormatter.

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