Advice on how to setup collections/relational fields for a Wine Tasting Group?

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Hi all,

I’m a real novice at this and could use some advice on how to setup collections/fields for a wine group that meets monthly and does blind tasting for varying themes of wine.

Here’s my best guess on some basics:

  • setup a collection for Wine (ex.fields: Winery, Name, Vintage, Grapes, etc.)
  • setup a collection for Users (our regular participants)
  • setup a collection for Events (ex. fields: host, date, theme, participants/attendees)

beyond the above is where I get a little lost. At each event, we blindly decanter each attendee’s wine, and all participants rate them (i.e. say 9 people try a bit of each decantered wine). I’m not sure how to structure this matrix of activity here in Strapi:

  • should this level of detail be part of the “Event” collection?
  • Number of decanters varies by number of participants
  • each participant ranks each decanter
  • each decanter contains a wine brought by a participant

Any advice or assistance would be most appreciated.

thank you,