Alpha Plugin API RFC - Looking for feedback

Hello Dear Community Members,

We are starting to work on the plugin API and as you may have noticed in the RFC, we will remove the current way to customize the administration panel. We will remove the replace any front-end file behavior, so users who want heavy customizations will have to fork the plugin instead, which we believe is the correct way to do.

In this way, we would like to know/understand what are the main customizations users are currently doing in their admin panel.

We will provide a programmatic way, to change some of the configurations including, the logo, the favicon but we are deeply interested in which customization we should enable. Please provide you use-case below in as much detail as you can, bonus if you are willing to add a link to your project code.

PS: If you want to read the current WIP plugin api RFC you can also view it on a temporary website:

Hello is there a way to have the plugin rfc back online for study purpose please ?