Announcing Strapi v4 with a new UI, Plugin API, Query Engine and more

Last year, we introduced a stable Strapi v3 with the role-based access control, draft and publish feature, SSO authentication, and most awaited internationalization. We reached 40 000+ Github stars. We held the first online global user conference StrapiConf, with more than 2,500 live attendees.

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Sounds great! Can’t wait to try it

Any news on dockerhub v4 release?

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Hey Team, this looks amazing!

Have I missed a link to the migration documentation ? I can’t seem to see it anywhere yet. Really keen to get updated so I can use some of the new features.

Not missed, its not finished yet.
The team is working hard in getting it finished.

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:tada: Congratulation! Strapi v4 looks awesome! You people are doing fantastic work, Big kudos to everyone! :pray:

Hey Eventyret, Just checking in on this as I’d love to migrate to latest over the Xmas break.

I’m happy to help test the notes / assist with writing it if someone can point me to who is involved I can get in touch. My install is very vanilla, the only exception from stock is s3 image uploading.

The basic migration notes look pretty straightforward, so unsure whether it’s easy and just at the bottom of someone’s list or if it’s horribly complex and so at the bottom of someone’s list!

Latest info was that migrations would be released in Q1 I think January maybe.

If you have a very simple build @gorlaz might be better to install a new V4 and just re-create it. I can’t remember if the S3 official is set to v4 if it is then you just need to populate data.
And I’m guessing you can write a mini node application or even use the old V3 API to send data to the V4 API etc.