Announcing the new Strapi starter CLI

There are several ways to start a project with Strapi. You can create a blank project from scratch or use one of our starters to spin up a corporate website, a portfolio, an e-commerce solution, a blog, or a catalog using the frontend technology of your choice (Next.js, Gatsby, Gridsome, Nuxt.js).

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Hi there, I’m trying the starter CLI but no matter what I do I get an error upon creating the starter. My command used:
npx create-strapi-starter my-project gatsby-corporate


Ive tried several different command for both the strapi-gatsby corporate starter as well as the strapi-next corporate starter but it fails every time with this error. Anyone know how to solve this so I can use the starter?

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i’ve had the same issue. i posted on the Discord but never had anyone reply. these used to work for me but the last couple months they fell into this trap