Announcing the Strapi 5 Beta

Since we first announced our plans for Strapi 5, thousands of people have joined the waitlist and shared their interest in trying it out. We’re very grateful for your support and encouragement.

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When do you expect to have the first final release of v5 out? We are currently on Strapi 3 and considering to rebuild the site on Strapi 5.

Hi @SamZ we expect to have a final release this quarter.

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What is the End of Life support for Strapi 4?

@SamZ here is what we are planning

18 months from the release of the Strapi 5 stable version broken down as such:

  • After stable → 12 months of high/critical bug fixes
  • After those 12 months → 6 months of security updates

Total of 18 months

Hope this helps.

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we are also on 3 and looking to go to 4. Will the transition from 4 to 5 be easier than 3-4? Or should we wait til 5 since say you this quarter u will release?

@David_Kaleky Yes, the transition from 4 to 5 will be easier. That said, depending on your app’s complexity on v3, it may make sense to start Strapi 5 as a new project and move the code logic manually rather than going from v3 to v4 and then to v5.

Both approaches are valid, but depending on your app’s complexity, one may be easier than the other.

If you have follow up questions feel free to ask here, we also have Strapi open office hours on Discord Strapi Community Mon - Fri 12:30 pm CST.

With one exception, we will be on a company retreat from May 10th -17th so no open office hours during that week.

We were considering going from v3 to v5. We’ve tried the v5 betas 4, 5 and 6 and finding fundamental bugs blocking us from creating the content. So now we’re looking at version 4 which is much more stable. We are using the same Postgres DB used in Strapi v3 when we did our review of Strapi v5 and v4.

That make sense, Strapi 5 is still in beta. I wasn’t sure of your time line and if you would be able to wait for 5 to be out of beta.