Annual Pain points issue

Every year we launch a “pain points” issue for the month of June to try and gather as much feedback as we possibly can, this year is no different, we want to hear your feedback and it’s especially important as we are starting work on Strapi v5.
So please, if you have a few minutes, take a look at this issue and feel free to add your pain points or vote on previously mentioned pain points. All we ask is keep it civil, we know many people can feel very strongly about something.

Here is the issue: Question: What are the main pain points you have using Strapi? (Episode 5) · Issue #16873 · strapi/strapi · GitHub, it will remain open until the end of June before it’s locked. Listed in that issue is also the pain points from the last 4 years (yup we have been doing this every year since 2019 :wink: )

Thank you and with love :heart:
The Strapi Team

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